Philippa | Portrait Session

This is the second time I have photographed little Pippa – well, third if you include when she was in her Mum’s tummy! She has grown so much and is no longer a baby but the sweetest little girl who adores her bunny! Had to sneak Mum in there for a few shots too.

Phillippa Portrait Shoot001 Phillippa Portrait Shoot002 Phillippa Portrait Shoot003 Phillippa Portrait Shoot004 Phillippa Portrait Shoot005 Phillippa Portrait Shoot006 Phillippa Portrait Shoot007 Phillippa Portrait Shoot008 Phillippa Portrait Shoot009 Phillippa Portrait Shoot010 Phillippa Portrait Shoot011 Phillippa Portrait Shoot012 Phillippa Portrait Shoot013 Phillippa Portrait Shoot014 Phillippa Portrait Shoot015 Phillippa Portrait Shoot016 Phillippa Portrait Shoot017 Phillippa Portrait Shoot018 Phillippa Portrait Shoot019 Phillippa Portrait Shoot020 Phillippa Portrait Shoot021 Phillippa Portrait Shoot022 Phillippa Portrait Shoot023 Phillippa Portrait Shoot024 Phillippa Portrait Shoot025 Phillippa Portrait Shoot026 Phillippa Portrait Shoot029Phillippa Portrait Shoot027Phillippa Portrait Shoot028

Liz & Grant | Family Session

This is another post from months back, but I had to share as Liz has been a repeat client of mine and incredibly supportive of my work so I really wanted to share these!
Liz originally booked me for a maternity session with her husband Grant. I went on to photograph her gorgeous wee boy Thomas at a few weeks old along with an extended family session. Months down the track and we met again to photograph more family members. This is a little miss mash highlights post of all the shoots.

PS. The gorgeous wee girl at the end with the family pearls? Adorable!

Liz & Grant Family Shoot001 Liz & Grant Family Shoot002 Liz & Grant Family Shoot003 Liz & Grant Family Shoot004 Liz & Grant Family Shoot005 Liz & Grant Family Shoot006 Liz & Grant Family Shoot007 Liz & Grant Family Shoot008 Liz & Grant Family Shoot009 Liz & Grant Family Shoot010 Liz & Grant Family Shoot011 Liz & Grant Family Shoot012 Liz & Grant Family Shoot013 Liz & Grant Family Shoot014 Liz & Grant Family Shoot015 Liz & Grant Family Shoot016 Liz & Grant Family Shoot017 Liz & Grant Family Shoot018 Liz & Grant Family Shoot019 Liz & Grant Family Shoot020 Liz & Grant Family Shoot021 Liz & Grant Family Shoot022 Liz & Grant Family Shoot023 Liz & Grant Family Shoot024 Liz & Grant Family Shoot025 Liz & Grant Family Shoot026 Liz & Grant Family Shoot027 Liz & Grant Family Shoot028 Liz & Grant Family Shoot029 Liz & Grant Family Shoot030 Liz & Grant Family Shoot031

Ardana & Amber

So glad Ardana decided to jump in these photos even though she wasn’t expecting it! Some really lovely moments between Mum and daughter. Ardana’s lovely friends bought this session as a baby shower gift so that she could have some photos taken of her little girl Amber.

This is from a while back, but I love the carefree feel of these shots taken on the wild west coast.

Ardana_Amber001 Ardana_Amber002 Ardana_Amber003 Ardana_Amber004 Ardana_Amber005 Ardana_Amber006 Ardana_Amber007 Ardana_Amber008 Ardana_Amber009 Ardana_Amber010 Ardana_Amber011 Ardana_Amber012 Ardana_Amber013 Ardana_Amber014 Ardana_Amber015 Ardana_Amber016 Ardana_Amber017 Ardana_Amber018 Ardana_Amber019 Ardana_Amber020

The Ewarts | Family Session

I really love this family session. I love the light, I love the location, and most of all I love how obvious it is that these two sisters share a special bond and will always be the best of friends. We headed to the beach on a beautiful winters day with their mum and dad Janine and James. It’s clear to see the girls (who happen to be my 3rd cousin’s) had a ball!

Ewarts | Family Session00 Ewarts | Family Session01 Ewarts | Family Session02 Ewarts | Family Session03 Ewarts | Family Session04 Ewarts | Family Session05 Ewarts | Family Session06 Ewarts | Family Session07 Ewarts | Family Session08 Ewarts | Family Session09 Ewarts | Family Session10 Ewarts | Family Session11 Ewarts | Family Session12 Ewarts | Family Session13 Ewarts | Family Session14 Ewarts | Family Session15 Ewarts | Family Session16 Ewarts | Family Session17 Ewarts | Family Session18 Ewarts | Family Session19 Ewarts | Family Session20 Ewarts | Family Session21 Ewarts | Family Session22 Ewarts | Family Session23 Ewarts | Family Session24 Ewarts | Family Session25 Ewarts | Family Session26 Ewarts | Family Session27 Ewarts | Family Session28

Pete, Angela, Oliver & Lucy | Family Session

I have a bit of blogging catch up to do as being pregnant with terrible sickness and having a baby has caused me to get waaaay behind! But I still want to share some lovely family sessions with you all so heres my first catch up.

Lets head back to last year when I photographed this adorable wee family. My hubby knows Pete from Uni days and his lovely fiancé Angela was our marriage celebrant so we have a few ties to these lovely people. They are getting married in February and guess who is lucky enough to capture their big day? Yep, moi. So excited!

001 002 014003 004 015010009005 006007comp001011012 013

Shane & Alyson | Forest & Beach Engagement Session

This is my brother-in-law and soon to be sister-in-law (exciting!). They wanted a few snaps to celebrate their engagement so we set off from the bach in Whangamata on the Coromandel Peninsula to the near deserted Opoutere Beach. You can’t go wrong with a long stretch of pristine white sandy beach backed by pine forest and bush. So simple, so pure NZ, love ♡

ShaneAlyson001 ShaneAlyson002 ShaneAlyson003 ShaneAlyson004 ShaneAlyson005 ShaneAlyson007 ShaneAlyson008 ShaneAlyson009 ShaneAlyson010 ShaneAlyson011 ShaneAlyson012 ShaneAlyson013 ShaneAlyson014 ShaneAlyson015 ShaneAlyson016 ShaneAlyson017 ShaneAlyson018 ShaneAlyson019 ShaneAlyson020 ShaneAlyson021 ShaneAlyson023

Kerryn & Dan | Devonport Wedding

I’ve known Dan since high school and he’s pretty awesome – one of those people who you always end up in fits of laughter around – so I jumped at the chance when he and his stunning bride to be Kerryn asked me to be their photographer as I knew it would be a day full of love and laughter.

I hadn’t met Kerryn before but after a wedding ‘meeting’ at their house over a glass of wine, I got to know this warm, intelligent lovely lady who threw tradition out the window and, heavily pregnant with their gorgeous son Zac, asked Dan to marry her on a leap year. Go Kerryn!!

I got to know them better as a couple during their engagement shoot at Silo Park, Auckland and hearing about their wedding plans, started to get very excited for their big day. It didn’t disappoint. A first look overlooking Rangitoto on a beautiful summers day followed by a heartfelt beachside ceremony and a sunset reception at McHugh’s of Cheltenham that continued into the night complete with a line dancing first dance from the couple, it certainly lived up to expectations. Kerryn looked utterly beautiful in her lace dress, the bridesmaids rocked out in red lace and how awesome is Dan’s ring?!

Congratulations guys, you make an awesome couple and wonderful parents to Zac. xx

Kerryn Dan Wedding01 Kerryn Dan Wedding02 Kerryn Dan Wedding03 Kerryn Dan Wedding04 Kerryn Dan Wedding05 Kerryn Dan Wedding06 Kerryn Dan Wedding07 Kerryn Dan Wedding09 Kerryn Dan Wedding10 Kerryn Dan Wedding11 Kerryn Dan Wedding12 Kerryn Dan Wedding13 Kerryn Dan Wedding14 Kerryn Dan Wedding15 Kerryn Dan Wedding16 Kerryn Dan Wedding17 Kerryn Dan Wedding18 Kerryn Dan Wedding19 Kerryn Dan Wedding20 Kerryn Dan Wedding21 Kerryn Dan Wedding22 Kerryn Dan Wedding23 Kerryn Dan Wedding24 Kerryn Dan Wedding25 Kerryn Dan Wedding26 Kerryn Dan Wedding27 Kerryn Dan Wedding28 Kerryn Dan Wedding29 Kerryn Dan Wedding30 Kerryn Dan Wedding32 Kerryn Dan Wedding33 Kerryn Dan Wedding34 Kerryn Dan Wedding35 Kerryn Dan Wedding36 Kerryn Dan Wedding37 Kerryn Dan Wedding38 Kerryn Dan Wedding39 Kerryn Dan Wedding40 Kerryn Dan Wedding41 Kerryn Dan Wedding42 Kerryn Dan Wedding43 Kerryn Dan Wedding44 Kerryn Dan Wedding45 Kerryn Dan Wedding47 Kerryn Dan Wedding48 Kerryn Dan Wedding49 Kerryn Dan Wedding50 Kerryn Dan Wedding51 Kerryn Dan Wedding52 Kerryn Dan Wedding53 Kerryn Dan Wedding54 Kerryn Dan Wedding55 Kerryn Dan Wedding56 Kerryn Dan Wedding57 Kerryn Dan Wedding58 Kerryn Dan Wedding59 Kerryn Dan Wedding60 Kerryn Dan Wedding61 Kerryn Dan Wedding62 Kerryn Dan Wedding64 Kerryn Dan Wedding65 Kerryn Dan Wedding66 Kerryn Dan Wedding67 Kerryn Dan Wedding68 Kerryn Dan Wedding69 Kerryn Dan Wedding70 Kerryn Dan Wedding71 Kerryn Dan Wedding72 Kerryn Dan Wedding73 Kerryn Dan Wedding74 Kerryn Dan Wedding75 Kerryn Dan Wedding76 Kerryn Dan Wedding77 Kerryn Dan Wedding78 Kerryn Dan Wedding79 Kerryn Dan Wedding80 Kerryn Dan Wedding81 Kerryn Dan Wedding82 Kerryn Dan Wedding83 Kerryn Dan Wedding84 Kerryn Dan Wedding85 Kerryn Dan Wedding86 Kerryn Dan Wedding87 Kerryn Dan Wedding88 Kerryn Dan Wedding89 Kerryn Dan Wedding90 Kerryn Dan Wedding91 Kerryn Dan Wedding92 Kerryn Dan Wedding93 Kerryn Dan Wedding94 Kerryn Dan Wedding95 Kerryn Dan Wedding96

Hugo William Donaldson ♡

Let me proudly introduce to you my little man, Hugo. The reason the blog has been so quiet lately!! He came into our world on the 18th February and life hasn’t been the same since. We are totally and completely in love with this little guy and the proud mama in me is excited to share some photos from the family album from when he was only a few days old  to some more recent ones. I’ve finished this post off with a few photos of his nursery which I’ve had lots of enjoyment out of decorating!

Hugo Hugo Hugo Hugo Hugo Hugo Hugo Hugo Hugo Hugo Hugo Hugo Hugo Hugo Hugo Hugo Hugo Hugo Hugo Hugo Hugo Hugo Hugo Hugo storyboard027 Hugo Hugo Hugo Hugo

Great Expectations

It’s not often I get in front of the camera. In fact I feel quite uncomfortable having my photo taken – Im much more at home behind the lens! However as a photographer I do think its important to put yourself in the shoes of your clients from time to time.

Being on the verge of a life changing event in our lives, I thought a portrait session would be a fantastic way to capture this very special time in our lives. So I dragged Aaron along and my sister Steph (quite talented herself behind the lens!) took a few shots before bump becomes baby!

sam aaron maternity sam aaron maternity sam aaron maternity sam aaron maternity sam aaron maternity sam aaron maternity sam aaron maternity sam aaron maternity sam aaron maternity sam aaron maternity

Thanks Steph! x


Kim & Ben | Fiji Wedding

This ones a real special one to me. Kim and Ben are great friends so I was so happy for them when they announced they were getting married. When they asked me to photograph their wedding, I was extremely honoured and very very excited! The fact that it was going to be in Musket Cove, Fiji was an added bonus!!

Apart from it being a truly intimate, relaxed and beautiful wedding on a stunning tropical island, what I loved most was how the majority of the guests trickled onto the island in the week lead up to the big day so everyone had the opportunity to get to know each other at various get togethers. This really added to the intimacy of their wedding day and made for one big fun party to celebrate!

As featured on the awesome Paper & Lace blog:

Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding01 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding02 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding03 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding04 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding05Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding06 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding07 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding08 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding09 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding10 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding11 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding12 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding13 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding14 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding15 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding16 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding17 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding18 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding19 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding20 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding21 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding22 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding23 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding24 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding25 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding26 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding27 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding28 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding29 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding30 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding31 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding32 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding33 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding34 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding35 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding36 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding37 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding38 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding39 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding40 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding41 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding42 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding43 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding44 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding45 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding46 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding47 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding48 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding49 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding50 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding51 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding52Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding53 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding54 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding55 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding56 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding57 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding58 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding59 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding60 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding61 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding62 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding63 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding64 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding65 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding66 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding67 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding68 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding69 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding70 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding71 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding72 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding73 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding74 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding75 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding76 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding77 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding78 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding79 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding80 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding81 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding82 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding83 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding84 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding85 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding86 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding87 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding88 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding89 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding90 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding91 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding92 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding93 Kim & Ben Fiji Wedding94